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The Court Couture Casanova tennis bag is an integral part in the history of my company as it was the very first collection I designed. To me it was designed as a celebration of fashion and style for the modern tennis playing woman and fortunately it became an instant classic. The exceptional and original styling of the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag quickly became the trademark for the designs which were soon to follow in the Court Couture stable of tennis bags.

The Court Couture Cassanova bag is still crafted with absolute attention to detail and will always have the needs of tennis players in mind. Those who own the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag still state that the bag offers style, multi-functional use, along with superb comfort and practicality. One of the fabulous things about owning a Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag is the fact that no matter how hard you play, you will always look great with one of these beauties in your possession. The Cassanova tennis bag is also one of the most popular tennis bags for women today.

Included in with the Court Couture Cassanova bag is a matching cosmetic bag so you can ensure that you remain looking your best no matter how hard your game has been. There is also a separate compartment which will house two tennis racquets and a superbly large interior where you will be able to fit all those necessities which women need. You will have ample room for your water bottle, cell phone, lipstick, wallet and everything else which we deem as necessary!

Crafted in superb quality faux leather, the Court Couture Cassanova bag will also look exceptionally good even when left on the floor in the shower room. The sturdy metal feet will ensure that the bottom of your Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag doesn’t get wet either!

We all know the importance of exercise when you lead a busy lifestyle. It helps us to deal with stress in a far more positive manner; is good for the heart, and also helps in the constant struggle to lose weight. Playing tennis has been proven to help not only physically, but mentally too. It reduces blood pressure and therefore the risk of heart attack and stroke, and because of its beneficial effects to our sense of well-being, it also reduces our stress levels. Any exercise is going to be better for us than none, but playing tennis is also a fabulous way of developing better balance, strength and mobility. When you have had a hard day at the office, it’s a great way of letting off steam.

If you head for the tennis courts straight from work, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you will still be looking good when you carry your Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag with you. There’s no need to go home to get changed first, simply slip everything into the generous 20” x 15” x 6” proportions and you are good to go!

Our range of designer Sport bags for women & Tennis bags for women sale have been designed in such a way that you never need to think about your appearance. We have done it for you.