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Women Tennis Bags – Court Couture Tennis

Court Couture Tennis is one of the best places to come, find and buy a superior quality, stylish, powerful and functional tennis bags for women.  We do have huge variety of tennis bags for women which include different types of tennis bags for women sale, including tennis tote bags and backpack. Our tennis bags for women will help you to make the best purchase for your game and will add to your playing spirit and fun.

Each bag is offered in both the varieties, the trendy Cassanova, the Vintage Karisa which was inspired by the fashion style of the 1960’s or the sporty Hampton backpacks. Both the Cassanova and Karisa bags come with a matching cosmetic case. Every bag has its own style and feel. Style adds to your playing personality and feel adds to your playing experience. The huge variety of women bags will allow you to choose the perfect fit for your tennis game.

These designer tennis bags offer the finest materials and with superb craftsmanship. We chose our material very carefully to withstand outdoor environment and easy to care. Our bags are made with the highest quality faux leather on the outside and 100% cotton lining.

All of our bags fit 2 oversize tennis racquets. However if you have the wide neck racquets the backpacks will be your best choice.

Many sports are dominated by men but tennis, although not dominated by the female gender, is a game that many women enjoy whether it`s competitive, for fun or for fitness. Many women who enjoy tennis and who care about fashion have noticed that the options of ladies tennis bags are limited.

Rather than settle for the oversized, unbecoming duffel bag, many women have taken matters into their own hands and created tennis bags that are both functional and fashionable for the modern tennis playing woman.

Stephanie Sumarsono, owner and designer of Court Couture tennis bags, noticed that women have a lot of options when it comes for tennis outfits. She said that every season there would be new apparels and choices for tennis attire are unlimited but there were no options for a tennis bag that provided both practicality and style.

Stephanie decided to create her own line of designer tennis bags that are both eye-catching and ideal for a trip to the tennis club but could also double as an overnight bag or a carry-on.

In an interview with Sumarsono she spoke about the goal of her company saying, “The focus is to provide tennis bags that are stylish, good quality and multi-functional that women will be proud to carry to the tennis court and anywhere.”

Since the start of the company in 2009, she has done just that. Her designer tennis bags have been featured in many tennis publications such as Tennis View Magazine and have even made guest appearances on the popular ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars.

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Stylish Women’s Tennis Bags Part – III