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Popular Women’s Tennis Bags

The Court Couture Casanova tennis bag is an integral part in the history of my company as it was the very first collection I designed. To me it was designed as a celebration of fashion and style for the modern tennis playing woman and fortunately it became an instant classic. The exceptional and original styling of the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag quickly became the trademark for the designs which were soon to follow in the Court Couture stable of tennis bags.

Today’s stylish women want to look good whether they are playing sport or attending a social function and as men out there would probably despair, the bag is as important a part of that as it ever was! If you adore playing tennis and are looking for stylish yet practical women’s tennis bags, then you have come to the right place.

There may be many sites offering tennis bags for women, but you really would struggle to find any which are as good-looking, practical, durable and as stylish as the choice you will find at Court Couture.

Court Couture can offer you a super collection of women’s tennis bags which are stylish no matter where you are…from tennis court to post-match lunch, these are the women’s tennis bags of choice. Due to the fact that we use only superior materials and quality craftsmanship, these are tennis bags for women which are built to last! Delicately emblazoned with the discreet Court Couture logo, why not treat yourself to a high quality women’s tennis bag today?

One of the most popular tennis bags for women you can buy today is the Vintage Karisa tennis bag. This was inspired by the classical styles held close to many women’s hearts during the 1960’s. The Vintage Karisa tennis bag for women looks glamorous as well as stylish with the delicate gold accents, and it is practical as well with its light-weight styling and roomy interior.

The Vintage Karisa tennis bag for women also comes complete with a matching cosmetic case and interior pockets which will easily take your cell phone, water bottle and other small accessories which you need to carry with you.

About Court Couture

Playing tennis has been my passion much of my life. When I think of tennis, I think of fun exercise and great friends. It has long been my dream to bring fashion to women’s tennis. This tennis bag is my creation inspired from excellent suggestions from my circle of tennis friends and inspiration I gathered from travelling around the world. I believe it takes a tennis player to create a perfect tennis bag. Court Couture was born on a warm summer day of 2009 in the corner of the Silicon Valley, California. I truly hope you will find this bag to be your perfect bag as well.

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