The Cassanova Tennis Bag Part – III


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Where to buy Court Couture Products?

Our Collections

Our bags are available in different designs, namely – the Vintage Karisa, Cassanova, Cassanova Floral, Barcelona and Karisa Renee Leather Collection.

The Vintage Karisa is a vintage-inspired classy tennis bag that is both sporty yet very sophisticated. Its lightweight, polished structure with metal accents make it a very simple yet sophisticated tennis bag that is available in black, blue and pebble colors. With ample amount of space for everything you need in a tennis match, you will surely be able to bring everything you need in just one stylish tennis bag. The Vintage Karisa is definitely a must for any lady who loves tennis. If Audrey Hepburn plays tennis back in the day, we can definitely see her sporting the Vintage Karisa Noir, no doubt!

The Cassanova collection is a celebration of style and modern flare without compromising exquisite taste in a tennis bag. Available in 14 beautiful colors, the Cassanova is the tennis bag collector’s dream! For a touch of ultra-femininity and whimsical appeal, the Cassanova Floral is truly a feast for the eyes.

Ultimate multi-tasking women need their both hands free from luggage hence the birth of Barcelona cross body bag collection. The Barcelona is a line of sling bags that are tastefully crafted to deliver only the best.

You can count on the finest quality of premium leather with the Karisa Renee Leather Collection – a line of genuine leather bags that are designed for the woman with busy and active lifestyle. These bags are perfect for daily use whether for school or for work. Bags in this collection are big enough so you can bring all of your belongings and at the same time, handy enough for comfort and ease of use. The Karisa Renee Leather Collection is perfect for all women.

Don’t hesitate to contact Court Couture if you have any questions. Call Court Couture at 1-800- 621-9143 now for your questions, or if you want to place your orders now.

Where can Court Couture products be purchased?

Court Couture has been in the fore front of high quality, superbly stylish tennis bags for women. The best part is you can avail our fabulous products anywhere you are in the country. Our online store allows you to purchase through the internet or by phone so that you don’t have to go anywhere else just to get your fabulous Court Couture bag.

We have nearly a hundred distributing shops where you can drop by and purchase our top-of-the-line designer tennis bags for women. These stores are located in different points in the country:

Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Louisiana, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Arizona and Alabama. Check out our store locator for more detailed information.

We strive to make our products highly available for women who want usability in their bags to not get in the way of fashion, style and comfort. Each bag is designed with passion, crafted with care and made with the best materials available today. Court Couture tennis bags are all available for everyone who wants the best bags for their tennis match.


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The Cassanova Tennis Bag Part – II


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Designer Tennis Racket Bags vs Normal Sports Bag

Tennis racket bags come in varied styles to give players flexibility. One reputed brand is Court Couture, who carries a wide selection of fashion-friendly tennis bags, which are both practical and beautiful. At Court Couture, style-conscious women can choose long-handled faux leather or genuine leather tennis bags, which can carry two rackets, along with other key items or backpack-style bags for hands-free carry of up to three rackets and important necessities. Court Couture also offers ball holders with purchases for easy transport of tennis balls to the court for practice or game play. All Court Couture bags meet the specific needs of tennis players and are available in an array of colors to complement each player’s personal style.

Tennis players who invest in high-quality rackets should choose the right athletic bags to protect and carry their vital athletic gear. While multi-sport gym bags can work for many athletic activities, they are not the optimum choice for transporting tennis rackets. Instead, players should opt for top-quality tennis racket bags from a respected company, such as Court Couture. By turning to a tennis bag specialist, women tennis players can rest assured that they are choosing a product attuned to the unique needs of their sport.

When it comes to selecting athletic accessories, women need to make intelligent choices. In some cases, general-use items may work well, but in other cases sport-specific accessories are truly the best choice. Tennis racket bags are examples of sport-specific accessories, which are a useful investment for women athletes. Often, these bags have specific features that make them distinct from common gym bags.

Before making a purchase decision, savvy shoppers should get educated on classic gym bags and what they offer. Traditional gym bags come in varied materials, including canvas, nylon, and leather, and in a wide selection of sizes. In some cases, designers style gym bags for indoor or outdoor use, and also include added-value features, such as pockets for stashing water bottles and handy storage pouches.

Many gym bags are duffel bags, which feature a cylindrical shape, a single large compartment, and two carry handles. Other types of gym bags include strap bags, which have an internal frame and several inner compartments and simple gym sacks, designed primarily for carrying shoes and a change of clothes. In addition, backpack-style gym bags are available, which give users the option of carrying all of their gym necessities on their back.

Experts note that one important consideration when shopping for a sports bag is whether or not it will be used to transport equipment. Common larger-sized gym bags may be able to accommodate sports balls, such as footballs or rugby balls, but may not be the best choice for other types of athletic equipment. For tennis players, the average gym bag simply will not work. Although the player may be able to fit a racket head inside a large gym bag, the bag will fail to zip securely. As a result, choosing tennis racket bags are a better alternative for tennis players.

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Tennis Bags For Women Sale Part – 2

Women Tennis Bags – Tips and Ideas

There comes a time when we all want some inspiration; when we have finally run out of ideas on how to look both cool and stylish, and when we want to create a great first impression. In this section, you will find a range of ideas on how you too can maintain the image you wish to portray to your peers and business colleagues.

There are certain essentials which we ladies cannot do without and sometimes it is difficult to carry everything you need especially if you are going to play tennis straight from the office. So how to stuff your tennis bag is very important. This is where the designer tennis bags for women from Court Couture come into their own. Not only are they heavenly stylish, they are also large enough to carry all the essentials which you need.

I believe it takes a tennis player to design a tennis bag for women. Armed with my knowledge and inspiration from travelling around the world, and then taking advice from my tennis playing friends, the Court Couture Cassanova range was devised in a corner of Silicon Valley in California, on a warm summer’s day in 2009.

Large or small, shoulder or across the body; no matter what your needs are in a tennis bag, Court Couture have the right choice for you.

Have you run out of gift ideas for the woman who has everything? Why not consider buying a designer tennis bag or gift certificate to make that special woman in your life feel even more special.

No matter how stylish and fashionable you want to be, there will always be a need for comfort as well. Court Couture gives you the chance to be everything you wish to be, all wrapped up in our designer tennis bags, which are fashionable and comfortable.

Today’s women desire to be stylish, but also need multi-function and sophistication in sporting items we carry around, such as tennis bags, which makes Court Couture the perfect choice in designer tennis bags for today’s modern woman.

Luxury, fashionable, practical, designer, roomy and durable…is there anything else today’s modern woman could ask for when choosing a designer tennis bag? We think not!

No-one wants a tacky, nylon sports bag when attending a tennis function. Most women will want the kudos of carrying a designer tennis bag to today’s post-match parties.

The right price for anything is determined by how much you feel is worth spending on a particular product, such as a designer tennis bag. Having said that, we all like to feel as if we are capable of bagging a bargain, which is why it is always the right time to search through our sales page.

A tote bag is defined as a large bag which is used for carrying a number of items; Court Couture is proud of our collection of designer tennis tote bags for women, all at value for money prices.


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Tennis Bags For Women Sale Part – 1

Luxury and Fashion Bags for Today’s Stylish Women

Women who are serious about their tennis game and personal style should choose one or more of Court Couture’s stylish tennis bags. Whether she selects the faux-leather Court Couture Cassanova Bag, the backpack-style Court Couture Barcelona Bag, or the Court Couture Karisa Renee Leather Bag, any fashionista can have the confidence of knowing her bag is a true style maker. Any woman, whether a trend-watcher who is always on the fashion’s leading edge or a traditionalist who prefers  classic clothes and preppy tennis bags, can find the perfect back to complement her sense of personal style at Court Couture.

At Court Couture, fashionistas can choose from a selection of durable luxury tennis bags, in a rainbow of colors and exciting prints. Choices include faux and genuine leather fashion tennis bags, with handles, along with easy-carry backpack style bags. When desiring to add a spark of color that looks great on the court and on the street, style-savvy women can select pretty tennis bags from Court Couture in beautiful hues. Color choices include black pebble, orange, dusty rose, royal blue, cappuccino, orchid, ruby, and many more.

Women who want to emulate the style sensibilities of great players, such as Serena and Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, or Maria Sharapova, who are also fashion icons will want to select luxury tennis bags to complement their designer tennis outfits.  By turning to Court Couture, women can find high-quality stylish tennis bags, including some emblazoned with vibrant floral patterns in contrasting colors, to pair with today’s cutting-edge tennis fashions.

Many women who enjoy tennis like to sport a classic look on the court. For these women, preppy tennis bags from Court Couture are a great option. The streamlined design of Court Couture bags can accentuate the classic tennis, collared shirts, and sweater vests which are hallmarks of the preppy look. From here alone you will see the difference between a designer tennis racket bag vs normal sports bag.

Tennis is not only a popular athletic endeavor, but also a source of fashion inspiration for many stylish women around the globe.  Once women had limited choices in tennis ensembles; long skirts and tennis whites were the norm for the first half of the 20th century.  However, over the years, women’s tennis attire and accessories, such as fashion tennis bags, have evolved to feature vibrant colors and chic patterns.  Many of today’s top women players are also fashion trendsetters. Today’s tennis aficionados can choose style-conscious tennis wear and complete the look with pretty tennis bags from Court Couture.

However, Court Couture’s line of tennis bags are as practical as they are fashionable. They feature convenient inner pockets to store important necessities, such as mobile phones and water bottles for the sportswoman on the go. The company’s handled bags feature long handles which can be draped over a shoulder for hands-free carry and boast a useful exterior pockets for stashing two full-sized tennis rackets.

In addition, the firm offers fashion tennis bags, which can be worn as backpacks. These functional backpack-style bags can hold three tennis rackets and have inner and outer pockets for transporting other important items.


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Monogram Tennis Bag Part – 3

What makes Tennis Bags for Women and Girls Unique?

Court Couture tennis bags for women and girls were designed with meticulous attention to detail, taking into account everything today’s stylish females would desire to have in a great tennis bag. Being a tennis player myself gives me a unique insight into the psyches of today’s modern tennis players, and it has often been commented that specific features Court Couture women’s tennis bags offer are missing in many other standard female tennis bags available today.

Our tennis bags for women are multi-functional, with extra padding and ample inside storage; these are versatile women’s tennis bags which work perfectly as a laptop bag. With many pockets both inside and out, these tennis bags for women and girls also double up as a carry on when travelling because the dimensions mean that they fit perfectly inside the airplane overhead compartment.

Tennis is so much more than ‘just a game.’ It is far more than that, especially so to today’s fashion conscious woman. To many women out there tennis is actually more of a lifestyle choice. To the women who regularly play it involves not only sport, but also fashion, socialization, food and wines. Every USTA match is followed with a party that includes this social aspect of enjoying fine food and wine with one’s peers.

These stylish female tennis players do not appreciate having a women’s tennis bag which is big, bulky and nylon and emblazoned with big and sometimes, tacky, logos. Women want a stylish tennis bag that complements their cute tennis skirt and top, especially when they have spent a huge amount of time creating the team uniform. Their appearance matters as much as their performance on the court.

And this is where Court Couture is proud to announce their unique selling point. Court Couture’s tennis bags for women were created for those who want to play well while still looking good. With their unique style and fresh looks, Court Couture tennis bags for women and girls have swiftly become the most sought after women’s tennis bags in the US as well as many other countries.

And when used as a tennis bag, these have ample storage room for 2 oversize tennis rackets, and also have a special pocket for your water bottle and many other items every girl needs, whether taking part in a competitive tennis match or playing for fun at the club.

The matching cosmetic case is great to carry on its own, or comes in useful when kept inside the tennis bags. And above all else, what makes Court Couture tennis bags for women and girls stand out from the crowd is the good quality and craftsmanship, along with the strength and durability. You will realize that this is one company that won’t be beaten, either on or off the tennis courts!

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Women tennis bags, Tennis backpacks & Sport bags for women

Monogram Tennis Bag Part – 2

What Makes Court Couture Stand Out From Other Competition?

Court Couture designer tennis bags for women are brilliantly crafted to bring style, simplicity and usability to all women who want to stay stylish despite their highly active lifestyle. Designed by a woman who has passion for tennis, having fun and living life; Court Couture bags are made with similar women in mind. Only a woman who likes to combine work and play – without sacrificing tasteful style and fashion can truly understand what type of design will work for women of her kind. This is the awesome outcome of Court Couture bag designs. Court Couture tennis bags for women are sought-after and well-loved by women everywhere. Court Couture bags surely please even the most discriminating taste.

Beautiful, Stylish Designs with a Twist

These tennis bags and specialty bags are designed to perfection. The secret is to keep things looking simple yet stunning. Why do women love handbags so much? It’s because bags are the ultimate 21st century object of desire aside from shoes. Women want designs that are different, designs that make a statement, designs that let a woman’s personality shine through. For bags that serve a purpose, it’s quite difficult to achieve having style and functionality at the same time. But that’s what Court Couture achieved and others have not. Check out our women’s tennis bags and see the difference.

High Quality

Court Couture stands out from the competition because of many reasons. One is that each and every bag passes through an extensive inspection to ensure the best quality of product. Craftsmanship on each bag is impeccable and materials used are of the best quality. Court Couture bags are durable and notably sensational. If you’re looking for a quality bag that will last, you won’t be disappointed with a bag from Court Couture.


Did you know that with every purchase of Court Couture bags, a portion of the sale goes to support mission works is Haiti, South America, Africa, East Asia and CityTeam Ministry.

Feel free to browse through our collection of tennis bags and see the difference. Make a statement now by owning one of the most sought-after tennis bags today. Don’t hesitate to contact Court Couture for your inquiries and orders.

Perfect Size

Size matters because women just love to bring things with them. A bag needs to have ample amount of room for everything yet it has to be small enough to be stylish, wearable and comfortable to bring anywhere. This is not the easiest thing to achieve for a bag designer who thinks of a tennis player – or a woman who needs to always carry her laptop everywhere. However, Court Couture surely made a hit by achieving these needs amongst women. Women like to bring things they don’t need. Women like to bring things that are very important too. Women love to bring things “just in case” they need them because women just never know when they’ll need to save the world! These facts must be addressed hence the perfect sized bags from Court Couture are within reach.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at vintage tennis bag, Tennis bags for women & Tennis bags for women sale

Monogram Tennis Bag Part – 1

The Cassanova Tennis Bag: Play Hard While Looking Great

We all know the importance of exercise when you lead a busy lifestyle. It helps us to deal with stress in a far more positive manner; is good for the heart, and also helps in the constant struggle to lose weight. Playing tennis has been proven to help not only physically, but mentally too. It reduces blood pressure and therefore the risk of heart attack and stroke, and because of its beneficial effects to our sense of well-being, it also reduces our stress levels. Any exercise is going to be better for us than none, but playing tennis is also a fabulous way of developing better balance, strength and mobility. When you have had a hard day at the office, it’s a great way of letting off steam.

The Court Couture Casanova tennis bag is an integral part in the history of my company as it was the very first collection I designed. To me it was designed as a celebration of fashion and style for the modern tennis playing woman and fortunately it became an instant classic. The exceptional and original styling of the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag quickly became the trademark for the designs which were soon to follow in the Court Couture stable of tennis bags.

The Court Couture Cassanova bag is still crafted with absolute attention to detail and will always have the needs of tennis players in mind. Those who own the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag still state that the bag offers style, multi-functional use, along with superb comfort and practicality. One of the fabulous things about owning a Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag is the fact that no matter how hard you play, you will always look great with one of these beauties in your possession. The Cassanova tennis bag is also one of the most popular tennis bags for women today.

Included in with the Court Couture Cassanova bag is a matching cosmetic bag so you can ensure that you remain looking your best no matter how hard your game has been. There is also a separate compartment which will house two tennis racquets and a superbly large interior where you will be able to fit all those necessities which women need. You will have ample room for your water bottle, cell phone, lipstick, wallet and everything else which we deem as necessary!

Crafted in superb quality faux leather, the Court Couture Cassanova bag will also look exceptionally good even when left on the floor in the shower room. The sturdy metal feet will ensure that the bottom of your Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag doesn’t get wet either!

If you head for the tennis courts straight from work, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you will still be looking good when you carry your Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag with you. There’s no need to go home to get changed first, simply slip everything into the generous 20” x 15” x 6” proportions and you are good to go!

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Designer tennis bags, Designer tennis bags for women & monogram tennis bag

Sport Bags For Women Part – 6

Court Couture’s collection of tennis bags for women is both durable and ultra-chic. These unique and stylish tennis bags have been designed for today’s active women who have the highest of standards. These tennis bags for women enjoy an excellent craftsmanship and are a piece of styling which you can wear anywhere, at any time. With Court Couture tennis bags for women you will never be out of style.

As quality, craftsmanship and sheer style are words which you will be familiar with if you like designer products, then these are qualities which mark Court Couture out as being different from the crowd. Not only do you get all those wonderful attributes, you also get value for your investment and the knowledge that you will always look good when you sport one of our designer tennis bags for women, no matter where you are.

Court Couture Fashion Difference

Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Coco Chanel and other famous designers…we adore the sound of those names, don’t we? How familiar are you however, with the concept of designer tennis bags? Tennis bags for women have come a long way recently and you will command huge attention from your peers if you arrive at a tennis match with the latest in designer tennis bags for women casually slung over your shoulder. All of our designer tennis bags have been lovingly crafted from quality materials, ensuring not only good looks, but also durability and longevity.

Today’s stylish female tennis players don’t appreciate owning a tennis bag which is big, bulky and nylon with large, tacky, logos. Stylish women want a designer tennis bag which will complement their cute tennis outfit. After all, your appearance can be as important as your performance on the tennis court.

When you lead a busy lifestyle, sometimes the last thing on your mind is having the time necessary to keep looking good no matter what the occasion. When you choose a Court Couture designer tennis bag, there is no need to think about whether you are looking good; you will be…it’s as simple as that. Our range of designer tennis bags for women have been designed in such a way that you never need to think about your appearance. We have done it for you.

Court Couture designer tennis bags and products can be purchased online, so you need never worry about whether you are close enough to a store. Having said that, we also have stock in various stores in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada and Japan. So if you decide you would like to see the quality of our designer tennis bags before you buy, hopefully you will be able to get to one of these areas. If not, rest assured, you will never be disappointed when you purchase a designer tennis bag online.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at monogram tennis bag, custom monogram tennis bag & vintage tennis bag

Sport Bags For Women Part – 5

The Woman Who Perfected Ladies Tennis Bags

My name is Stephanie and for much of my life playing tennis has been a major passion. It always brings to mind good friends and great exercise; a way of life, rather than just a sport. For a long time I found tennis bags to be rather practical and fairly unstylish and so decided to go ahead and design and manufacture my own range of designer tennis bags for women which would become available for online purchase.

It takes far more than style and imagination in order to create the perfect tennis bag for women. The manufacturing of the bags by having the right choice of materials, and the need to understand what the end user desires, are but two of the secrets in designing a perfect women’s tennis bag that is beautiful, durable as well as being functional. Those who truly understand the desires of a tennis player can deliver the kind of quality tennis bag which screams ‘I want one of those!’

Some would say that a tennis bag is a tennis bag, but when you purchase a Court Couture tennis bag online, you will own a piece of artwork which is desired by the stylish tennis playing women of today. There is more than one reason that our designer tennis bags have become the ‘must-have’ brand of stylish ladies all over the world. We are all busy these days and want to be able to purchase things with the click of a button; we don’t always have the time to go shopping, (no matter how much we enjoy it!) Court Couture tennis bags are the ultimate designer brand which can be bought online, so no matter how little free time we get, we can still be stylish.

Many sports are dominated by men but tennis, although not dominated by the female gender, is a game that many women enjoy whether it`s competitive, for fun or for fitness. Many women who enjoy tennis and who care about fashion have noticed that the options of ladies tennis bags are limited.

Rather than settle for the oversized, unbecoming duffel bag, many women have taken matters into their own hands and created tennis bags that are both functional and fashionable for the modern tennis playing woman.

Stephanie Sumarsono, owner and designer of Court Couture tennis bags, noticed that women have a lot of options when it comes for tennis outfits. She said that every season there would be new apparels and choices for tennis attire are unlimited but there were no options for a tennis bag that provided both practicality and style.

Stephanie decided to create her own line of designer tennis bags that are both eye-catching and ideal for a trip to the tennis club but could also double as an overnight bag or a carry-on.

In an interview with Sumarsono she spoke about the goal of her company saying, “The focus is to provide tennis bags that are stylish, good quality and multi-functional that women will be proud to carry to the tennis court and anywhere.”

Since the start of the company in 2009, she has done just that. Her designer tennis bags have been featured in many tennis publications such as Tennis View Magazine and have even made guest appearances on the popular ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Sport bags for women, Tennis bags for women & Tennis bags for women sale

Sport Bags For Women Part – 4

Why you Need to Choose a Designer Tennis Bag

Here at Court Couture, you can rest assured that you are not simply paying for a name; you are paying for the quality and knowledge that your designer tennis bag will last you for years to come. All of our designer tennis bags are made from quality materials which have been carefully thought through to ensure not only good looks, but also durability and longevity.

One of our latest style designer tennis bags for women is the Cassanova Quilted.  Take a look at this Quilted Tangerine.

The Court Couture Cassanova Quilted bag was inspired by the iconic Chanel quilted purse.

We implement our creativity by using the double stitches and changing the configuration of the quilt to match perfectly with our racket compartment.

What Makes Court Couture Designer Tennis Bags Unique

This designer tennis bag fits two oversize tennis rackets and is fully lined and padded. The large main compartment is perfect for items such as extra cloth, a pair of shoes, a water bottle or even a laptop computer. Zipper and open pockets on the inside are perfect for smaller items. The back pockets are convenient for easy reach, such as your house keys and cosmetic mirror.  The matching purse has always been so popular and it is added for as a bonus for carrying small items and it looks great to be carried on its own. Court Couture Cassanova bag is the ultimate stylish and practical tennis bag.

We have all sighed with delight when we have heard mention of the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Coco Chanel and all the other famous names we associate with designer wear, but not all of us are familiar with the concept of designer tennis bags. Tennis bags have come a long way in recent years and now command just as much attention from your peers when you turn up at a tennis match sporting the latest in designer tennis bags for women.

Now there are designers, and then there are designers; the latter kinds have taken the time to ensure that the products they offer will be bought for the correct reasons, and not just because they have a designer name associated with them. Yes, many people will simply want the kudos of sporting a designer tennis bag slung over their shoulder, while some will want to make sure that the price they are paying for a designer tennis bag will be money well spent.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Tennis bags, Tennis backpacks & Women tennis bags